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Organization: Pulse Radiology Institute
Contact: Neil Huber
Phone: 347-231-2963
Locale: Saint Augustine, FL
About the Position:
Position: MRI Instructor
Job Summary:
Full Time MRI Faculty is responsible for the instruction of students via lectures and demonstrations in the online setting according to program objectives and course syllabus. Each instructor teaches material from the approved curriculum and develops daily lesson plans which are to be received by the Campus President or Program Director at the beginning of each academic week via Canvas. Instructors maintain and report student grades as mandated by the Registrar’s office and attend any mandatory school in-service programs or corporate workshops/seminars. Students are to be contacted by email or phone when not logging in. Instructors are directly accountable to the Program Director and ultimately to the Campus President.
Essential Functions:
1. Responsible for maintaining a full load of courses each semester.
2. Submit lesson plans,student grades and other instructionally related documents in a timely and efficient manner.
3. Design complete instructional programs for assigned courses,including scope and sequence,curriculum handbooks,student and facilitator handbooks and weekly lesson plans as applicable.
4. Develop and produce instructional materials.
5. Consult with the Program Director on curriculum,course materials and activities.
6. Evaluate student mastery of learning objectives.
7. Incorporate technology as applicable into the course for improved instruction.
8. Provide an engaging educational environment as in secure participation of and incorporating guest speakers in the class structure.
9. Recommend improved structure and process for instruction and student assessment.
10. Responsible for retention and student interaction.
Additional Responsibilities
Performs other related duties as required and seen fit by the Program Director and/or Campus President.
1. Faculty shall hold at a minimum a Bachelor Degree or a combination of an Associate
Degree in field with a minimum of two years of work experience in field.
2. MRI Certification required.
3. Prior education experience is preferred.
4. Faculty must possess a high level of communication and online technical skills.
5. Must possess extremely strong ethics.
6. Faculty must be well organized,proactive,and willing to help students in various ways to
reign about success.

Listing expires: February 8, 2024
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