About the American Registry of Magnetic
Resonance Imaging Technologists

Because MRI is a Specialty

Founded in 1991, The American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists - ARMRIT - is the first MRI Registry certifying body that required specific MRI education, in-depth clinical training, and hands-on experience.


The genesis of ARMRIT is to offer an alternative venue to qualified MRI Technologists who opt to train specifically in MRI technology without undergoing a Radiology/Radiography oriented background. As an International Certifying Body, ARMRIT certifies MRI technologists who have met its established criteria, and who work in MRI facilities at hospitals and private non-hospital facilities. To date it has certified technologists in 46 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Britain, and in Asia and the Middle East. ARMRIT is recognized by all four Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) designated accrediting organizations, the American College of Radiology, Inter-Societal Accreditation, the Joint Commission, and RadSite.

Highest Standard for Employers:

ARMRIT offers MRI Employers a Specialist in the field of MRI; MRI Educated, MRI Trained, and MRI experienced. All who have demonstrated their expertise and competency by challenging and successfully completing the ARMRIT MRI Technologist four-hour examination for certification. Once certified, ARMRIT Techs must maintain their certification by completing CME Credits focused solely on MRI and MRI Patient Care topics. An MRI Specialist ensures that the MRI patient has a focused medical professional who is not distracted by other modalities, guaranteeing the safest and most diagnostic experience.

ARMRIT Fights for MRI:

ARMRIT is the number one proponent of the MRI Profession, educating Legislators on all levels, Federal, State, and Local. ARMRIT focuses its efforts on the need for universal standards for the education, training, and assurance of the highest levels of knowledge and performance of the MRI Technologist to ensure the safest and most diagnostic experience of the MRI patient. Currently a recognized criteria to be a licensed MRI Technologist in Oregon & West Virginia, the only states to license MRI Techs, ARMRIT is working aggressively to lobby and educate New York and California legislators to initiate proposals to license MRI Techs. The ultimate goal is to encourage all other states to follow their example.

Yearly Meetings:

In 2005 ARMRIT established an annual meeting and seminar, offering MRI Technologists twelve hours of lecture in MRI subjects by leaders in the MRI field nationally and internationally. For example, in 2010 Raymond Damadian, MD, inventor of the modern MRI scanner was the featured speaker.

Watch the President of ARMRIT's Lecture at the 8th Annual Meeting